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Questioning Engineers About Current Power Cuts

Independent thinking is now asking very serious questions about what to date has been and is the contribution of the army of home and foreign made Ghanaian Engineers which this country boasts generally to development going 58 shortly but urgently specifically the electrical brigades among them with regard to the power supply drifted into semi-menopause presently. 

Divisive politics has had a field day close to one year on it and there is no winner because the stop go has not been brought to a resolution. The surge of the questioning of the engineers put the issues arising where it has laid more appropriately than political rhetory has played its hobby game of fault pointing. 

In simple precision language the new school of though is saying that the engineers have been a huge let down, having been there at least 45 years since Akosombo was lit for a population of less than six million now approximating 28 million from an unchecked baby boom and a quadruple of that number's demand a…

NPP "Won Gbo" Demonstration

For the first time in Ghana’s history, citizens are experiencing a load shedding exercise dubbed ‘’dumsor’’, 12 hours of power, 24hours of lights out. This scenario has placed great stress on the daily lives of Ghanaians , with a myriad of economic consequences.

The Opposition NPP blames this precarious energy situation on what is says is the ‘’government’s mismanagement of the energy situation’’.

The party led by its leader Nana Akuffo Addo fronted a demonstration which brought together men and women from all walks of life. The protest dubbed ‘’Wongbo’’ was to send a clear message to President Mahama and his cohorts that Ghanaians are suffering.

According to the NPP, the government is not a listening one and the only option it has is to pour into the streets to get the attention of government to address the issues. Political analysts believe that the NPP is justified by going into the streets to let the government act with urgency to fix what is described as a ‘’national energy crisi…

Low Coverage And Participation Of District Assembly Election

Election is a very important activity in every democratic dispensation. It gives power to the people and enables them to choose their leaders to take decisions on their behalf. Unlike dictatorship, elections strengthen democracy and give the people the free will to contest various positions. Since Ghana attained independence, the country has used elections in determining the crop of people who lead them at a particular time. 
That notwithstanding, many Ghanaians do not know the importance of elections especially at the District Assembly level. Why is this so? Chapter 20 Act 241 - Section three of the Constitution which talks about Decentralization and Local Governance states that, subject to the Constitution, the District Assembly shall be the highest political authority in the district and shall have the deliberative, legislative and executive powers. Act 242 goes on to state that, the District shall consist of one person from every electoral area. 
This emphasizes the need for an effe…

Submission Of Senchi Progress Report To The President

Promoting dialogue towards achieving consensus is considered an essential pre-requisite for success in any development effort. Several benefits result from employing consensus-building to address challenges in life. Collaboration towards consensus building is a sure way of having quality solutions to challenges. The clarion call for consensus building in development planning that cut across party lines has become important especially as a sustainable transformational development strategy.
 Unfortunately, the nature of democracy sometimes creates suspicion when consensus building is being initiated. In spite of this challenge, there is no gain-saying that consensus building remains critical to the enterprise of nation building that can stand the test of time. In May last year, a national economic forum was held at Senchi in the Eastern region at the height of the economic crisis when the cedi was depreciating rapidly and the economy facing severe challenges. 
The purpose of the economic …

Regulating the Activities of Some Men of God: The Role of the Church

Widespread concerns have been raised in recent times about the activities of some pastors and the need to regulate their activities. The media has been flooded with latter day prophets whose modus operandi are gradually making Christianity unattractive.
In fact, most of these so - called men of God have engaged in various acts of unrighteousness such as bathing women, whipping, and stomping pregnant women and so on with no biblical backing. It makes one wonder what Christianity has become.
As Ghanaians, it behooves everybody to speak out in an attempt to restrain these pastors from further acts of their unbiblical schemes.
Anytime this subject is mentioned, most of these so- called prophets are quick to retort by saying ''touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm’’. Anyway, who says all of them are anointed by God? It is said,'' One hand cannot clap and a bird cannot fly on one wing''. One is guided by this aphorism that, as long as people go to these pro…

Two Years Of President Mahama's Administration

Exactly two years ago, John Dramani Mahama took the Oath of office to begin a four year term as the 4th President of the 4th Republic of Ghana. He had blazed into the campaign with a few months left for the decider following the sudden death of the sitting President Mills and won the 2012 election one touch. But the controversy that enveloped the election and the litigation that characterized its validity are unparalleled in our national history. For eight good months, the Supreme Court heard its highest profile and most politically sensitive petition by the NPP flagbearer, Nana Akuffo Addo challenging eligibility of the results. Productivity was held hostage by the trial due to the all-absorbing attention it attracted from the generality of Ghanaians. Despite the historic live coverage by the state broadcaster, GBC, the sensational tilt by sections of the private media and partisan twists by some political elements stoke tensions and sent Ghana teetering on the brink of an implosion.…

Abuse Of Privilege Vis-a-Vis The Role Of Leadership

If we all agree with Dr. Martin Luther King that “the time is always right to do what is right", then it has clearly become imperative to call the attention of the Ghana Police Administration to the recklessness and irresponsibility on the country’s roads. It has become common sight these days to see police personnel behaving recklessly and without consideration on our roads and streets, and clearly, this is an abuse of privilege. Some of our police personnel who have been trained to drive service vehicles use the roads and streets as if they were above the law. This issue is a bother to most road users and contradicts recent media commendation of the Inspector General of Police (IGP), Mohammed Alhassan, for his exemplary and exceptional conduct. It was noted that as the IGP moved from his residence to his office at the Police Headquarters daily on the traffic-prone Madina-Legon-Airport road, he does not use the siren to have a right of way to enable him move unimpeded, but rathe…

WAEC's Decision To Destroy Certificates

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC), on the 20th of January, 2015, re-announced that it would by the end of this month begin destroying certificates of private candidates that have not been collected since the last 10 years. The move is aimed at decongesting the offices which have been flooded with candidates’ certificates. WAEC says some of these certificates comprise that of candidates who wrote the November-December, Advanced Business, and General Business examinations dating as far back as 1965. According to the Head of Public Affairs of WAEC, Mrs Agnes Teye-Cudjoe, last year alone saw more than one hundred and seventy seven thousand (177 000) candidates sitting for the November-December examinations. Considering that, averagely, this number of candidates write WAEC’s private examinations each year, then by way of calculations, multiplying the number of candidates by the number of years of uncollected certificates, one would agree with WAEC that indeed its storage spaces …

Tema Fire & the Need for Gov’t Structures to be More Proactive

Ghanaians woke up to reports of fire gutting the Central medical stores at the Tema Industrial area which served as a hub for storage of a chunk of the country's medical supplies including a storage facility for the World Health Organization.
It took days for a combined team of National Fire Service and Fire personnel from the Industrial area in Tema to quench the fire. Government is yet to come to terms with the loss, which runs into millions of Cedis as it emerged that the medical facility was not insured.
One question which most Ghanaians keep asking is, how did that happen''? How come government after government could not ensure that premium was placed on a facility that served the health needs of HIV and AIDS patients, the aged, the country's work force, mothers, infants and babies yet to be born?
This is a clear violation of human rights and smacks of lack of discipline. It also exposes weak supervision, for that matter in most of the country's government ins…