Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Questioning Engineers About Current Power Cuts

Independent thinking is now asking very serious questions about what to date has been and is the contribution of the army of home and foreign made Ghanaian Engineers which this country boasts generally to development going 58 shortly but urgently specifically the electrical brigades among them with regard to the power supply drifted into semi-menopause presently. 

Divisive politics has had a field day close to one year on it and there is no winner because the stop go has not been brought to a resolution. The surge of the questioning of the engineers put the issues arising where it has laid more appropriately than political rhetory has played its hobby game of fault pointing. 

In simple precision language the new school of though is saying that the engineers have been a huge let down, having been there at least 45 years since Akosombo was lit for a population of less than six million now approximating 28 million from an unchecked baby boom and a quadruple of that number's demand and use of electricity discounting industrial expansion to keep the mathematics uncomplicated. 

What the country wants is not the likely long news conference statement of defense by engineers but  just a please get up and let there be light", biblically speaking. 

The poignant point about the bluntness of saying engineers" explaining whatever has better dividend for them.  It is that responding visibly to the public challenge confirms an embedded trust of them and belief that they can if they leave sitting behind desks in offices. 

The greater gain for the country is that their response the engineers retrieves their role as significant in the present and expectation futurely to fix things as ought left to them their knowledge spanners cables and switches. 

Incidentally politics shouting itself hoarse would also be stranded to give the country some peace in terms of this crisis which is everyone's default cumulatively through the years. 

The inference for stopping the politicking requires a bit of history recall.  It is merely to re-install a better appreciation of the implied need to denude the electric power supply difficulties of politics and its divisiveness. 

Akosombo for the starter was President Dr, Kwame Nkrumah's triumph over domestic opposition which globe trotted to block Western financial support for the project and failed, exposed as then US President John Kennedy rejected the overtures. 

In the year after successive governments - four military juntas and four civilian Republics have added bits of expansions - Kpong, Its adjacent irrigation for agricultural production having become a cropper of  a kind and Bui which are being too demonstrably shown today as woefully inadequate for a country whose population is increasingly  becoming unstoppably voracious or greedy for electricity at the urban level unlike some rurals where the people are innovating inexorably to provide themselves with some light without both politics and the engineers  would not be feeling themselves under siege. 

The crucial factor is that it is one country whose major error and the cause for all the power  distress is that there was not planning that projected the future, or there was one not sufficiently revised perennially and indeed left orphaned. 

There is not better lesson learning than that for a country with over abundance of ingeniousness without any doubt whatsoever but trapped in the dirty quagmire of intensively hostile divisive national politics of no substantive consequences for the good of country.


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