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NPP National Delegates Conference

History was made over the weekend at the  NPP National Delegates Conference which saw the  ousting of an entire  executive.  Apart from Otiko Afisah Djaba who retained  her seat as National Women's Organiser, the entire Jake Obetsebi Lamptey led executive was shown the  exit. 

There are a number of  factors which  could  perhaps have accounted for  this  mishap notable among  them are the  Executive's failure to secure victory for the  NPP in the  December 2012 general election. 

Also was the  decision to challenge the  election  results in court  when the  executive  knew perfectly well they  could  not be  successful. The election petition which dragged  for about eight months impacted negatively on the  national economy  as investors kept a wait and  see posture.

The Tamale Conference if  for nothing at all has succeeded in removing  the  tag on the  NPP as an  Akan party.  As a strategy the  party decided to hold  its  National Delegates Conference in the  North to win ba…

Use Of University Of Ghana Road

The University of Ghana has been making the news for a couple of weeks now, since the authorities there decided to recoup an investment they made in respect of putting the road on campus in good shape.

In doing so, the authorities started to collect tolls from motorists who decided to use the road on campus.

This decision did not go down well with the motoring public and at a point in time, national security operatives took an action to demolish  a structure at one of the entry points to Legon campus.

The defence of the National Security coordinator was that the structure was a toll booth under construction. This has since being refuted by the management of the University of Ghana. 

According to some reports, Legon said the structure was not a toll booth, but a gate. 

The issue of the University of Ghana taking steps to recover the amount invested in constructing the road on Campus is not a bad idea in itself. 

But what one finds difficult to understand was when the authorities said i…

Effects Of Radio Discussions On Society

Ghana over the years, especially with the proliferation of radio and television stations, has seen an increase of public discussion in the media. This system known to be ‘Public Sphere’ has provided the people of this country insightful knowledge on certain national issues. At the same time it has caused a level of division among the populace as well as indecency on the nation’s airwaves. According to Jurgen Habermas, who propounded theories on the subject of public sphere, “it is defined as ‘a domain of a social life in which public opinion or something close to it could be formed.” Public Sphere also can be seen as a theatre in modern societies in which political participation is enacted through the medium of talk. This, in Ghana for instance, is done actively in the media especially the electronic media. In some cases, it has been overdone and created problems in a way for the country and panelists of TV and Radio progra…