Monday, 14 April 2014

NPP National Delegates Conference

History was made over the weekend at the  NPP National Delegates Conference which saw the  ousting of an entire  executive.  Apart from Otiko Afisah Djaba who retained  her seat as National Women's Organiser, the entire Jake Obetsebi Lamptey led executive was shown the  exit. 

There are a number of  factors which  could  perhaps have accounted for  this  mishap notable among  them are the  Executive's failure to secure victory for the  NPP in the  December 2012 general election. 

Also was the  decision to challenge the  election  results in court  when the  executive  knew perfectly well they  could  not be  successful. The election petition which dragged  for about eight months impacted negatively on the  national economy  as investors kept a wait and  see posture.

The Tamale Conference if  for nothing at all has succeeded in removing  the  tag on the  NPP as an  Akan party.  As a strategy the  party decided to hold  its  National Delegates Conference in the  North to win back  or  retain the confidence of  party  faithful and  floating voters in that part of the country. 

The  election results have  ensured regional balance on the  National Executive as almost  all tribes are now  represented. Paul Afoko the  new National Chairman deserves tons of commendation for his  resilient  spirit. He emerged victorious despites several machinations to frustrate him out  of  the  race. 

In  a way, this perhaps also gave him sympathy votes. 

Incumbent  Chairman Jake Obetsebi Lamptey deserves no tears for  performing so abysmally in the race garnering only  66 votes as  against  Paul Afoko's 2,034.  Some Analysts believe it was a pay back time  for Mr. Obetsebi Lamptey, for  purchasing a State Bungalow he stayed in whilst a

Also deserving  loud  applause is  the new General Secretary, Kwabena Adjei-Agyepong who a few days to the  Conference had  a near-fatal accident while on his  campaign  which most  people thought will take him out of the  race given the  state of  his vehicle  after the  accident.  

Kwadwo Owusu Afriyie, the  out gone General Secretary must  today be  licking his wounds for his indiscretion in coming  out  openly to express  support for  the party's 2012 flagbearer, Nana Akufo Addo when nominations are yet  to re-open. 

His vituperation against the  Supreme Court  Judges which landed him  with  a fine  escaping  custodial sentence by the  skin's breath could  also be  cited. The emergence of  firebrands like Sammy Awuku and  John Boadu on the  National  Executive is  likely  to  give party supporters a ray of  hope.  Smooth-talking  Sammy Awuku had a brush with  the  law during  the  Supreme Court  hearing of the  2012
election petition which sent  him spending several weeks in jail. 

As things stand now, the  NPP has been reinvigorated as the party is believed to have jumped a major hurdle which positions it strategically and poised to wrest power  from the  ruling NDC in the 2016 general election. 

This  however will be  a herculean task if the party does not  close its  ranks to wage the  war with  a united
front.  The  shooting of  nine supporters of  the  party at Aboabo a suburb of  Tamale  by  unidentified gunmen is  most  unfortunate and the  perpetrators must  bow  their  heads in shame. 

It is regrettable the  Police  are yet to make  an arrest several days after the incident.  Generally the  successful and   peaceful conduct of the conference  is  indicative of the  NPP's  resolve  to be strategically different  in  election 2016.  It  is  hoped  the vim and  enthusiasm  exhibited by party  supporters in Tamale will be carried over to the election of the flagbearer. 

It  is  too early yet  to  determine  where  the party's choice of  flagbearer  will go but  a local proverb says  a busy market  is  determined the  previous day.  If  the  present  crop of elected leaders have any influence on the  choice of flagbearer then we need to brace ourselves for  a major challenge. 

We  say Ayekoo to the  NPP  for a  conference well organised and  to the  new officers a successful term of office.  To the  losers we say  better luck next time.


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