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Zimbabwe: Resignation of President Mugabe

Power, they say corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. At long last the people of Zimbabwe have said good bye to Robert Gabriel Mugabe, their President who ruled them for 37 years and welcomed to the throne his then Vice President and Chief Strategist Emmerson Mnangagwa. But for the love of a woman and inordinate quest for power, Mr. Mugabe would have still been enjoying his Presidency. Sacking his Vice President ostensibly to bring in his wife, Grace to take over from him was the rod that broke the camel`s back. At age 93, Mr. Mugabe needed nobody to tell him that he should have quit when the applause was loudest but he allowed greed and lust for power to goad him on. At the end of it all, even his own party, Zanu PF and his war veterans deserted him and passed a vote of no confidence in him. The jubilation that greeted his resignation is enough to tell Mr. Mugabe that all that glitters is not gold.

Simply put, Mr. Mugabe reduced himself to the likes of Yahaya Jammeh of Gamb…

The National Sanitation Campaign

Last week, the National Sanitation Campaign was launched by the President, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo on the theme, Let's Keep Ghana Clean, Play Your Part. The campaign marks the beginning of series of activities to be implemented by the Ministry of Sanitation and Water Resources and all its stakeholders to rid the cities and towns of filth. It also marks the beginning of yet another national drive to make the nation clean for Sustainable National Development and the promotion of good health. The launch was significant especially against the backdrop of the declaration by the President that by the end of his first term in office, he would make Accra the neatest and cleanest city in Africa.

There is no doubt that one of the key issues today in national discourse is on sanitation, environmental pollution and land degradation due to the impact on the socio- economy of the country. It is estimated that poor sanitation practices in Ghana costs about $290 million per annum which is a dr…