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Wayside Food And Our Health

Rural urban migration has assumed serious national proportions in recent times. This rural urban drift has brought in its wake many human problems such as pollution, lack of accommodation, poor sanitation, street boys and girls and the sale of wayside foods on our streets, schools, in industrial areas, and lorry parks. Transportation and other household chores make it impossible for majority of the working class and school children to eat before leaving home for their various duties. Research has shown that many of those who patronize street food are people in lower average income brackets, who cannot afford to eat in restaurants. Street or wayside food business has therefore come as a 'saviour' to these groups. Some of such foods include 'waakye, banku, koose, yakayaka, bread, konkonte and agbli kaaklo' just to mention a few.

The business is serving as one of the main…

Strike Declared By Organised Labour

Developments on the labour front is not one any Ghanaian will be enthused about. It is unfortunate the friction between organised labour and the PURC and by extension government over the hikes in utility tariffs has been allowed to deteriorate to the extent that organised labour has declared a nation-wide strike effective the 18th of next month. Before the strike workers will embark on nationwide demonstrations in protests over the increases. At a meeting early this month, organised labour issued a ten day ultimatum to the PURC and government to reduce the tariffs or face the wrath of workers. Following the ultimatum, government constituted a technical working group to among other terms of reference examine mitigating measures that would allow industry and consumers to adjust to any new level of tariff increase The Technical Committee warned that anything below 60 per cent will be dangerous for operators of the ut…