Monday, 16 February 2015

Regulating the Activities of Some Men of God: The Role of the Church

Widespread concerns have been raised in recent times about the activities of some pastors and the need to regulate their activities. The media has been flooded with latter day prophets whose modus operandi are gradually making Christianity unattractive.

In fact, most of these so - called men of God have engaged in various acts of unrighteousness such as bathing women, whipping, and stomping pregnant women and so on with no biblical backing. It makes one wonder what Christianity has become.

As Ghanaians, it behooves everybody to speak out in an attempt to restrain these pastors from further acts of their unbiblical schemes.

Anytime this subject is mentioned, most of these so- called prophets are quick to retort by saying ''touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm’’. Anyway, who says all of them are anointed by God? It is said,'' One hand cannot clap and a bird cannot fly on one wing''. One is guided by this aphorism that, as long as people go to these prophets, these irreligious acts will not cease.

After all, it takes two to tango. Most of these vulnerable persons are subjected to all kinds of unethical and barbaric gymnastics all in the name of spiritual cleansing and divine exorcism.

The question that comes to mind is, what influences people to go to these so-called men of God regardless of the far-reaching bitter experiences they endure? Ignorance has been identified as a paramount reason.”

My people perish for lack of knowledge', so says the Bible. Ignorance in this instance, stems from the fact that many a Ghanaian do not simply study their Bibles.

As a result of this, many are unaware that the Bible says we should not believe every spirit, but test these spirits to see whether they are from God because many false prophets have gone out into the world.

These ignoramuses are almost always be unable to decipher the truth or otherwise of whatever these pastors tell them hence they follow blindly.

Lack of faith by most Christians of today is another reason why these workers of lawlessness take advantage to continue committing these acts of iniquity against these poor Christians.

Many people have wavering faith and so they do not have the patience to wait upon the Lord particularly in trying times, they therefore resort to all sorts of engagements with these pastors for miracles. The gullible mentality of many Ghanaians, particularly female worshipers give these pastors an upper hand to continue fooling their members. For these gullible persons, any pronouncement by these prophets are taking at face value.

That is, everything said by their pastors is nothing but the whole truth without probing further. Desperation has also led many to go through a lot of dehumanising treatments.

Desperate people, during desperate times are forced to take desperate decisions. Some people are so desperate for money, marriage, and children and so on.

They are filled with desperation to the extent that the pastors take advantage of the situation to unscrupulously manipulate them. Illiteracy has also played a major factor in allowing pastors to abuse the rights of their members.

Due to the illiteracy rate in the system, many Christians do not have any choice but to believe anything said by these men of God.

Going forward, to prevent or limit these abominable acts against people who go for deliverance from pastors, we are advised to study our Bibles and pray to God for better understanding of the word so that we do not fall into the snares of these false prophets.

Knowledge is power, indeed. Secondly, let us growth in faith by praying without ceasing and meditating upon the word of God.

As we are learning other subjects, let’s also strive to dedicate our time to learning about the things that affect our spiritual lives. When we grow in faith, it will make us understand the workings of God in our lives and in the end, it will prevent any form of desperation.

To conclude, just as Ezekiel was told in Ezekiel 33:1-9 to be a watchman and blow the trumpet to warn the people of Israel of the coming danger, so are we, as a matter of collective responsibility also advised to warn other against allowing themselves to be deceived by theses hypocrites parading as messiahs.


By: Zephaniah Kwesi Danaa, A Journalist

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