Significance Of Easter In Relation To National Development

Christians are today marking the resurrection of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour. Easter comes from an old English word meaning spring. And spring is that season that sees the return of sunshine and warmth, the disappearance of frost and winter, the emergence of green leafy vegetation and flowers, birds, insects and wildlife emerging from their long hibernation to escape the cold of winter. This celebration brings to a climax the events that marked the final days of Jesus' earthly journey-the Triumphant entry into Jerusalem, the Last Supper, His arrest and trial, crucifixion, death and burial. By the resurrection of Jesus, Christians are assured the defeat of sickness, persecution, sterility of all forms in their lives and their ultimate victory over death. After forty days of prayer, fasting and penance in Lent, culminating in the observance of the passion and death of Jesus Christ on Good Friday, Easter is a day that is eagerly anticipated and thoroughly celebrated. As the celebration gathers momentum, let us not forget that Jesus died in pain, naked and without anything that humans consider as property, privilege or status. Yet he rose triumphant in power and clothed in glory so as the joy of Christ's resurrection takes over believers' hearts and minds. It is therefore necessary to note the relevance of this day for the Ghanaian society.

By His resurrection, Jesus teaches us that death is not the end of life but a transition. As such, people must not write off anyone's life worthless simply because a dying person has no material possessions to show because a life lived in simplicity and honesty without material wealth will still yield an afterlife of blessedness. As Christians find strength and renew their faith in the resurrection, let them put aside negative tendencies like malice, hatred and revenge. Christians should embrace reconciliation and peace. Let the noble goals and lofty ideals many began the year with, which have soon been forgotten or abandoned as the novelty of the year wore off, be restored to hope and zest by the joy of Easter. Easter represents the emergence of new life, a renaissance, a new beginning and all the freshness and vitality that comes with it. And so after the plunder and havoc wrecked on environment through illegal mining, sand winning, pollution of our water bodies and the menace of plastic waste, it would be refreshing to allow the earth to experience a fresh lease of life by taking on more responsible attitudes and lifestyles towards the earth. Otherwise, the earth itself may soon cry out against this nation, "Father, forgive them not, for they know what they are doing. “Let the liberating and empowering message of the Resurrection remind us that as a nation, we are not enslaved or subservient to any state or power but are a sovereign people in charge of our own destiny. So let us put aside fear and the unhealthy incessant references to injustices suffered from the colonial era which many blame for our present predicaments and rather exercise our minds and limbs to create and find solutions to our problems.

Happy Easter.



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