Seven-Year Development Plan By President Akufo-Addo

Any country that fails to plan its development programme risks the chance of encountering failure in the future. The attainment of positive results in terms of attainment of remarkable socio-economic development does not come by chance but through consistent and regular planning strategies towards that purpose. This explains why President Akufo-Addo has found it necessary to launch a seven-year plan which outlines the vision of his government. According to the President, the agenda for job creation, prosperity and equal opportunity for all was on course.

The launched development plan which is an embodiment of a coordinated programme of economic and social development policies of the government development plans constitute a feature of good governance. Good governance implies deliberate planning for progress and growth. Thus, good governance and effective development plans go hand in hand because without effective governance, our development agenda will be less successful. This means that effective governance constitutes or serves as the bedrock of sustainable development. Effective governance is, therefore, part of the necessary infrastructure needed to achieve national aspirations in terms of goals and objectives.

The country is in need of many things all of which cannot be provided overnight. It is for this reason that such needs ought to be properly outlined and documented as well as implemented in a desired manner to achieve good results and bring out required improvement in the life of people. The welfare of people will be greatly enhanced if there is expansion in areas such as infrastructure, agricultural output, transportation as well as water, health and educational systems, among others. A good development plan needs good implementation. Similarly, the absence of plan implementation is just as good as not having a plan at all.

Evidence-based monitoring and evaluation must, therefore, be the cornerstone of our development planning and implementation. It is imperative that we continuously track our progress, including identifying unexpected circumstances, challenges, obstacles and/or problems that might hinder our progress. In order for us to ensure effective implementation of our plans, we need to emphasize the importance of a comprehensive ownership of the plan. The plan can only be fully implemented when it enjoys the support from all the stakeholders that will be impacted by the plan implementation.

The leadership of the country has done well in coming out with the seven-year development plan and, therefore, deserves great commendation. However, much will depend on support from the metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies as well as the entire populace. Each and everyone needs to give out support to the plan to ensure that it succeeds for the common good of the country. Essentially, the plan must be well coordinated in its implementation to move the country to a higher level of growth and development. Other countries have attained higher levels of development from the implementations of such development plans. What this means is that as a country, Ghana can also keep to its plan, implement and monitor it to achieve the desired results. It is expected that all technocrats and the people of this country will fully support the seven-year development plan as launched by the President for the common good of our dear nation.



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