Noise Pollution During The Yuletide Season & Beyond

Noise pollution has been part of man since creation. By our own activities and attitudes, we become the source of noise almost all the time; we make noise through talking, laughing, working and even when we sleep through snoring.

However, with the advent and abuse of technology, our normal noise making has developed into unbearable noise pollution.

The culprits of the noise pollution are many but for the want of time and for the purpose of this write up, I will restrict myself to just two of them that are loudest during the yuletide, namely; the churches and the drinking bars.

Any one who has ever lived in an environment where a cluster of Pentecostal and Charismatic churches are located will appreciate this phenomenon better.

An impression is sometimes created that they are competing for God's attention through the power of their sounds systems.

In such frenzy mood, one wonders whether the sounds being made are meant for the consumption of the inmates or for the disturbance of those in the vicinity.

This noise pollution by the churches is normally informed and backed the the biblical saying to the Jews then that, they should make a joyful noise unto the Lord.

What is not explained is what a joyful noise is and whether the Israelites then were using as powerful sounds systems as we are using today.

The reality of the situation in most of our churches today is that sometimes, the noise level is so high that it becomes disturbing in the ears of the members themselves but who are you to complain; you will be branded as the devil who is being burned by the Holy Spirit Fire.

One culture that seems to cut across these noise- making churches is the belief that the louder you are the more you attract the attention of God to answer your prayers.

This culture has consciously or unconsciously been fed onto the sub-conscience of the congregation by the leaders.

Many times have I heard some preachers, in an attempt to solicit the attention of their audience say those who will say the loudest Amen or Hallelujah would receive the blessings of God first.

However, the Bible has made it clear in Matthew 6:6 that when we pray in our closet, God who can see in secrete will reward us in public.

Hannah prayed quietly but her prayer was answered by God.

The truth of the matter is that, it is not the amount of noise one makes that attracts God but rather it is the level of faith and the relation one has with God that determine the results of our prayers.

One basic fact that is lost to most of the leaders of the noise- making churches is that by their actions, they are unconsciously antagonizing the church with those in their vicinity contrary to the biblical tenets that we should live in peace with our neighbors and to the Great Commission that exhorts Christians to evangelize right from where we are (Judea) to the end of the world.

Another major source of noise pollution that i believe everybody is aware lies in the activities of the drinking bar operators.

With my interactions with few of the operators, I can boldly conclude that they believe the louder your noise the more you pull customers.

However, my little knowledge in marketing and business management tells me that it is rather the quality of service and customer care that will attract and retain customers but not the mere noise.

As a matter of fact, sometimes, the noise rather chases away customers.

It is not everybody who enters the drinking bar comes there with the sole aim to drink, booze and dance. No; some come with business partners or lovers to do serious discussions but if the noise level is so high that it disturbs their conversation, then the purpose for coming there in the first place is defeated.

From the afore discussions, it is now clear that noise pollution with its accomplice abuse of technology, has become a social canker and a common enyemy of all including the originators themselves. So therefore, let us all make it a point to minimize noise making as we enter 2018.




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