Homosexuality- An Affront To Human Dignity

Homosexuality, otherwise known as same sex union, is not only an affront to human dignity, but a practice abhorred by the Church, other religious bodies, as well as the traditional and customary values of the Ghanaian society. President Nana Addo-Dankwa Akufo-Addo’s response to an Aljazeera TV interview recently; that although homosexuality is not an issue on his government’s agenda, it is “bound to happen” has sparked simmering controversy in certain circles. The President made reference to England where homosexuality was not an issue until a coalition of pressure groups pushed for its laws to be changed to favor same sex marriages.

Thankfully, the President concedes that his response above does not negate the fact that the cultural values of our country abhor the gay and lesbian practices. Historically, obnoxious practices that once were frowned upon and detested by majority of people, got a few people to spark a debate; followed by lobbying and mounting pressure on their governments to amend and pass laws to allow these hitherto unacceptable behavior patterns and practices to gain roots and grow in society.

In ancient Rome, people’s lifestyles were very appalling to say the least. Homosexuality, bestiality and other forms of inhuman behavior and practices were the order of the day. Thankfully however, with the coming of the church to Rome, these appalling lifestyles changed for more humane ways of living. In the Western world, issues of gay rights were anathema many years ago, but now issues of gay rights have come to stay.

Regretfully, homosexuality is happening in our country, in our High Schools, universities and in some communities. We cannot therefore pretend that everything is fine without taking pragmatic steps to reverse the trend. It is for this reason that, a careful reflection on the President’s response gives a certain kind of caution and an agenda for the Christian community to wake up and intensify preaching and teaching of the Gospel, to get the lost (sinners) saved.

At the same time, other religious bodies and traditional leaders should join forces in tackling the issue head-on. These steps invariably help address the issue of homosexuality in the country.

Homosexuality was decriminalized when the church began to lose its impact on the community in Europe. So it is not enough for the church only to abhor the practice, but to continue to preach and teach Christ-like values to the lost. If the church loses its potency in this fight; the same sex union, like all other social vices, will gain credence in the country in the future and the spiritual implications cannot be fathomed. Christians and the other religious bodies should not be quick to condemn the president’s statement on homosexuality, but demonstrate love to sinners and homosexuals while helping them to come out of this sinful act. It is not the homosexuals who are not loved, but rather their sinful lifestyle which society abhors.

The President’s response therefore comes like the warnings of the Prophets of old to Israel against sin, which although the people disregarded; led to their captivity and destruction.

Hence, proponents of the practice should not be allowed to hide behind human rights to justify their abnormal practice in our country. The church should continue to speak against the practice, which the enemy seeks to use to destroy family values as originally designed by God in the Garden of Eden. The western world may have their different understanding of the repercussions of homosexuality. As long as the church, other religious bodies, and our customary practices abhor it, the practice should be vehemently resisted to prevent its negative effects on the land, as was the case of Sodom and Gomorrah, recorded in the Holy Scriptures.

The future of our children and family values could indeed be compromised if we sit aloof and not contribute in helping people who for some unexplained reasons find themselves in this predicament. The church, other religious bodies, as well as our traditional leaders, the media, and all who detest homosexuality to join the fight through education, and assist people caught in the practice to change for the better. Government should also stand resolute to defend the religious and cultural values at all times without bowing to pressure from the international community on the issue of homosexuality.

Long live Ghana!God bless our homeland Ghana!



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