Friday, 6 January 2017

Relevance of New Year's resolutions

Ghanaians January 1 joined the rest of the world to usher in the New Year. The observation of the event in Ghana was largely peaceful. Its peaceful nature can be attributed to the pro-active measures initiated by the security agencies especially the police and the cooperation of Ghanaians in general. Characteristic of every New Year many individuals, organizations and even governments make resolutions. A resolution in simple terms is as a firm decision to do or not to do something. Resolutions according to motivational speakers are very important to individuals, organizations and governments. They are usually written down and followed religiously. A resolution that is not written down becomes a wish according to Uncle Ebo White, a Ghanaian motivational speaker and play writer.
It is therefore imperative that people with resolutions write them down so that they can be remembered and implemented. It is also important however to point out that writing down resolutions does not necessarily guarantee their implementation. It takes prayers, determination, commitment, hard work, dedication, consistency and honesty among others to implement. In making resolutions one must be honest enough not to set too low or over ambitious targets. The reason being that is, if it is too low, there is motivation to achieve it. On the other hand when a target is over ambitious they may become too difficult to achieve which in the long run will be discouraging. In setting targets therefore, there is the need to be realistic. Having written down the resolution one needs a plan on how to achieve it. Experts say resolutions need to be reviewed every quarter to find out whether one is on course to achieving them or not. The review will ensure that mistakes committed in achieving the target are corrected. At the end of the year, evaluation must also be done to find out which measures used in achieving the targets worked well and those which did not. This will serve as a guide for success in future resolutions. Though individuals and organizations should hold themselves responsible for their failures and successes a lot to a large extent depends on the environment.

Coincidentally Ghanaians are ushering in the New Year with a new government led by President elect Nana Akufo-Addo. Before it was elected into power, the NPP made a lot of promises to improve the lives of Ghanaians. Therefore the expectations of Ghanaians are high particularly the youth and the business community. In fulfilling its promises one of the things that should not escape the new government's attention is to make sure that load shedding popularly known as “dumso” does not return even though energy experts have already sounded the alarm bells. The depreciation of the Ghanaian Cedi against major foreign currencies should be checked. The creation of jobs for the teeming youth must not be toyed with. These are some of the critical issues that will help individuals, businesses and organizations to achieve their New Year resolutions.

Failure in these areas could lead to the disappointment of many Ghanaians and could make life miserable for them.

Happy and prosperous new year to all Ghanaians.


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