Thursday, 15 December 2016

Violent attacks in the aftermath of 2016 elections

Barely a few hours after the declaration of results of this year's Presidential and Parliamentary elections, jubilant youth believed to be NPP sympathizers as, are reported to be have resorted to destruction of public property, a situation that has been condemned by the NPP, NDC and the police.

One such incident is the setting ablaze of a toll booth at Fiapre near Sunyani.

Fortunately the police have arrested the Fiapre suspect, put him before court and is now on bail and is expected back in court on the 23rd of this month.

In other areas, cars, billboards, posters and other property are reportedly being destroyed.

All these are happening despite the call on supporters to be moderate in their celebrations and refrain from acts that are likely to disturb the current peace the nation is enjoying.

Reports of violent attacks visited members of the loosing parties started soon after the country entered into a constitutional rule.

It is becoming alarming that anytime that there is a change in government supporters of the winning party resort to violent attacks on their opponents.

During such times official vehicles of outgoing government officials are seized while they are also forced to vacate accommodation allotted to them.

These unhealthy developments continue to perpetrated due what is referred to as the winner take all policy.

The poverty level in the country is so high that at any given moment, people are looking for an opportunity to make ends meet and the best way to attain that goal is winning political power that puts the country's resources into the hands of the victorious party.

It is time this phenomenon was checked to ensure equitable sharing of resources and appointment of personnel to man public institutions.

Even though there is an embargo on public sector employment, protocols to fill vacancies in certain departments are preserved for government appointees and and their cohorts.

This development is unhealthy and provides the grounds for struggle for political power as it is seen as the only way to get access to the nation's resources.

It is time winning governments considered running all inclusive government's if this unhealthy practice is to be avoided.

Security of members of parties in power must also be guaranteed, to enable ruling governments to concede defeat and hand over power peacefully.

This will avoid the political hurdles currently being witnessed in the Gambia as well as previous ones in Cote d'lvoire and Burkina Faso.


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