Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Need To Ensure Peaceful Polls December 7

The Electoral Commission and the Security Agencies have put everything that matters in place to ensure that there is a successful election. This year’s election has been considered the mother of all election for very obvious reasons. For the election managers especially the Ghana Police Service, it is business as usual. A lot has been put in place to ensure that the election is devoid of security breaches. The core mandate of State security spearheaded by the Ghana Police Service is to secure all election materials, protect the election officials and voters, give adequate security coverage to party officials and candidates and also ensure that nothing untoward happen to mar the smooth conduct of the Poll. The Police administration has put in place adequate measures which would enable the process to run smoothly.

Learning from the past security strength and weaknesses. Surely, the Police are well prepared, physically and mentally for the task ahead. The ball is now in the court of the contesting parties, candidates and the voting public. Enough education has gone into this election and it is the belief of the election managers that the right thing would be done to enable us to continue to enjoy the peace we have been enjoying for years. As voters, we have been reminded not to do anything that would disrupt the process. Our duty is to cast our ballots and not to do anything that would interfere with the activities of the electoral officials. Whatever reservation a voter or a candidate, his or her agent may have should be addressed to the electoral officials or the detailed security officer. The Police have made it clear that all the laws that border on criminality would be enforced to the letter. The police are not leaving anything to chance as far as this election is concerned. December 7 election would not be considered a make or break affair. It is a simple exercise which is to help in selecting our Political leaders to stir the affairs of the State for the next four years.

Officially, campaigning has ended, what we all expect is to vote and this is not a fight. It is a decision as to who should lead you. We must all come out of this democratic exercise unscathed. We have been preaching peaceful election for more than a year. This is the time to make peace real. It is only our actions and inactions that can bring about the much needed peace.

Don’t sacrifice the peace of the nation for anything. Remember also that violence does not win elections.


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