Thursday, 15 September 2016

Recent Effusions Of Rt Rev Prof. Martey's claims

The outgoing Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, the Right Rev. Prof. Emmanuel Martey, will go down in history as one of the most controversial religious leaders of Ghana. Professor Martey was elected at the 10th General Assembly meeting of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana held in Takoradi between August 6 and 12, 2010 for a six year tenure which is expected to end in November this year. The Presbyterian Church without doubt has contributed enormously to the development of Ghana in all spheres of life. Indeed, the Presbyterian Boys Secondary School, Presec Legon, has been one of the best second cycle Institutions in Ghana since its establishment many decades ago. In areas of health and economic development, the contribution of the Presbyterian Church cannot be under-estimated. It is against this background that it is worth commenting on the recent effusions of the outgoing Moderator of the Church. Prof. Martey at a recent news conference alleged that some politicians had attempted to bribe him with a house with a swimming pool at the plush Trassaco Valley, in addition to a luxurious four wheel drive and a cash of one hundred thousand dollars.

Before the dust settled on that allegation, Prof Martey topped it up with yet another allegation to the effect that the Deputy Minister of the Interior with the blessing of the Interior Minister had offered to lobby for him to become the Chairman of the National Peace Council. In his view, all these were attempts to dissuade him from openly criticising the government. It is beyond argument, that these pronouncements have brought the Presbyterian Church of Ghana into some conflict with the ruling party. But more importantly, it has brought the integrity of the respected theologian into question. When he made the first allegation of attempts to bribe him, Prof. Martey, was challenged by many people including; his own former Public Relations Officer to name the so called politicians who offered him the bribe, but he has failed so far to disclose the identities of those people. The only excuse he gave was that he does not deal with personalities but rather with issues. But contrary of this position, Prof. Martey was able to name a Deputy Minister of the Interior as having contacted him to lobby for the National Peace Council Chairmanship for him.

The question is how come on this occasion Prof Martey was able to name someone but on the previous, and a more serious matter, failed to name the people. This boggles the mind and raises doubt about the sincerity of his claims. The Professor should be bold as he claims to be, and name the people who offered him the bribe. That is what every decent, patriotic and law abiding citizen should do. The laws of this country frown on bribery and corruption and it should be every body's business to contribute towards eradicating this canker which has been described as a mass murderer and the bane of Ghana's development.

In addition, Prof Martey must make public the text message which he claimed the Deputy Minister of the Interior sent to him in respect of the National Peace Council Chairmanship position. As a nation, we should not allow our leaders to make such claims and allegations without subjecting them to proof tests. It was this same Prof. who in the heat of the energy crisis questioned the competence of the President and his appointees. He virtually insulted everybody in the country when he made this statement and i quote" Nyansafoee mo wo hen?' unquote, to wit" Where are the knowledgeable people in this country'. He then stated that he could solve the problem within a very short period when given the chance. Asked how he was going to do that, he ridiculously stated, through prayers. No one can downplay the power of prayers but prayers must be backed by concrete action. Even so, if Prof Martey could solve Ghana's problems with prayers, what has he been waiting for? Does he need to be elected President or appointed a Minister in order to do so?

It is about time Prof Martey gave us a break. The nation is becoming sick and tired of his reckless or unsubstantiated claims. If he wants to be taken seriously, he needs to back his claims with evidence. No one is preventing him from criticising. In fact, he will be failing in his calling as a man of God, if he does not speak up against the ills in the society. But in so doing, he must be sincere, honest and unbiased. From the look of things, Prof. Martey seems to be persuaded by other considerations rather than the genuine desire for a better and prosperous Ghana.


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