Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Prophet T. B Joshua's Prophecy Of Terror Attack On Ghana And Nigeria

The prophecy by popular Nigerian Prophet, T. B Joshua, Founder and Leader of the Synagogue Church Of All Nations, about a possible terrorist attack on Ghana and Nigeria has reinforced the need for the security agencies and individuals to be more vigilante. Prophet T.B. Joshua on Sunday encouraged his church members to pray for Ghana and Nigeria as he foresees imminent foreign attacks on the two countries.

Ever since this prophecy came out, there has been mixed reaction from the Ghanaian public. Some have questioned the credibility of the prophecy, and wondered why Prophet T.B. Joshua was not able to foresee some disasters which befell his church both in Ghana and Nigeria. The issue is so contentious that even pastors and christian bodies appear divided over it. But regardless of any criticism, it is an acknowledged fact that Ghana faces a real threat of terror. This is in view of series of deadly terrorist attacks on neighboring Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Mali and the real fear of Ghana being the next victim. It is no wonder that the last attack in Grand Bassam in Cote d’Ivoire, which killed at least 16 people and injured several others, compelled the government to review the security situation in the country. At a meeting chaired by the President and Commander in Chief of the Ghana Armed Forces, and attended by service chiefs and all other members of the National Security Council, it was determined that Ghana faces a credible terrorist threat. Prophet T.B. Joshua's prophecy therefore only re-echoes what citizens have already been made aware of. On that basis, one can agree with security analysts and other commentators that one needs not be a Prophet or have divine inspiration in order to appreciate the possibility of such an attack on Ghana. There are questions as to whether it is necessary for the media to give the kind of hype it is giving to the prophecy. For some, it has created fear and panic among the citizens. Perhaps, it is in view of this that the Ghana Police Service quickly stepped in to urge the public to remain calm.

The Police in a statement have assured the public that it will collaborate with other security agencies to put in place measures to avert any possible terror attacks. According to the police, all the requisite operational strategies, including intelligence gathering and tactical deployment of personnel have been unfolded to nib any breach of the peace in the bud. The statement from the police cannot be more timely and appropriate. Even though, the police and the other security agencies have long put in place measures, the prophecy gives them an added impetus to intensify their actions considering the context and the time it was delivered. And as the police succinctly put it, any piece of information that borders on security, be it a whimper from a class one child that gives a hint of disaster, a hint of attacks, or a hint of violent crime, is enough hint for the police to sit up. The increasing threat of terror attack on the country, calls for vigilance and security consciousness on the part of everybody. It is worrying how many people do not prioritize issues of personal safety and security. For most people, they see issues of security as a duty of the police and other agencies but that is erroneous. Ensuring security has always been and will always be a shared responsibility. It will be disastrous for people to ignore this fact. Perhaps, the police must intensify public education on safety tips and clues to look out for to avert crime. It is necessary for the public to report any suspicious parcels or items left at public places and other vantage points, or questionable characters and movements to the Police for the necessary action. Owners and operators of beach resorts, restaurants, hotels, malls, schools, churches, mosques, transport terminals and markets among others must also complement the efforts of the police in ensuring the safety of the places. Of course, people should avoid public gatherings when they have no business being there.


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