Thursday, 10 December 2015

Be Quality Conscious In The Purchase Of Goods


Around this time, markets in the country usually become saturated with a variety of goods, many of which are found to be sub-standard or unwholesome. Many business people take advantage of the season, to flood the market with a wide range of products.

Availability of increased variety of products on the market is good since it gives consumers the opportunity to select from a pool of different categories of consumables.

The problem, however, is that many of the goods on the market tend to be unwholesome. Consumers are deceived to buy things that they otherwise would not be willing to buy. We are in the last month to the end of the year, and many people will go shopping for their end-of-year activities. 

It is important to look out for the manufacture and expiry dates on the products. Expiry dates help consumers to determine whether or not products are fit for consumption. This will ensure the health and safety of the public. In this regard, consumers should be concerned about expiry dates suspected to have been tampered with. 

In other words, goods should never be purchased when one has the least suspicion that the original manufacture and expiry dates have been tampered with. The consumer is usually influenced by a number of factors, including taste, income, durability, product quality and so on. 

However, generally, consumers tend to look for products that are comparatively cheap in order to save money for other pressing needs. This is understandable because resources are limited. In spite of this, it is important for everyone to pay attention to quality issues when purchasing consumer goods, because it guarantees health and safety, and also ensures protection of the environment.

 The desire for huge profit margins has influenced many business executives to go in for sub-standard products; the prices of which are usually reduced to entice unsuspecting consumers. The danger with this irresponsible behaviour is that it threatens the lives of consumers and puts every person at risk. 

Fighting against this situation calls for the collective efforts of all institutions and individuals, particularly regulatory bodies and the Ghana Standards Authority as well as consumers.

No matter the efforts by the regulatory bodies, if the consumer takes things for granted, the desired result may not be achieved.

 It is therefore important for all consumers to be alert at this time of the year when all kinds of products are being advertised to attract buyers. 

Ghanaians must be quality conscious at all times, in order not to be deceived by the outward decorative and appealing appearances of goods in the market. This way, the safety of consumers can be guaranteed.


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