Thursday, 15 October 2015

The Need To Keep A Healthy Eye

Do you know that your eyes are your wealth? Have you ever imagined not been able to see the food you are eating or if the clothes you are wearing are clean or not? Or perhaps how beautiful the sky is? To know the value of sight, ask someone who just lost his or her sight.

 The eye is the window to the body, as well as the door, to the physical world. On this occasion of World Sight Day which falls on every second Thursday of the month of October, the eye health community is focusing on “eye care for all.” This has been the effort of the World Health Organization in collaboration with the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness, where awareness is spread through a large number of different events.

 One finds it quite regretting that in Ghana, eye care is often relegated to the back in healthcare, with many forgetting that when one loses his/her sight, the individual's quality of life is reduced to a large extent. There is also a high possibility of the person becoming a burden to the family and nation at large. Ghana is ranked high for the prevalence of glaucoma, an eye disease that can cause irreversible blindness. The effects of diabetes, hypertension and HIV/AIDS, on the eyes cannot be underestimated. This clearly indicates the need for all to be involved in eye care because it is a concern and responsibility for all.

As Ghana joins the rest of the global community to observe world sight day today, various eye care units, organisations and companies countrywide are engaging in voluntary services to attend to the health needs of the public.

 Organisations such as The Ghana Blind Union organise free eye screening exercises for members of the general public. Institutions such as the Ghana Health Service and many other corporate entities are embarking on an educative outreach to interact and give key information on good eye care practices. Do you remember the last time you had your eyes examined? What are you doing, to preserve your eyes? And how are you helping to make the life of the visually challenged easier? Get involved and make a difference, because your sight is not only your right, but your wealth.


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