Thursday, 22 October 2015

Ensure Congenial Atmosphere For Academic work

At long last, the dust has settled and the placement exercise of newly qualified students into Senior High Schools has been effected through the computerised School Selection Programme (CSSP). 

The computerised selection system continues to attract mixed reaction from the public. The doubting Thomases view the computerisation system as lacking in transparency and fraught with corruption since it is human beings who operate the computers. Others see the whole exercise as an improvement over the previous system where Heads of SHS had a field day in the selection exercise. They called the shots and parents and guardians were at their beck and call.

Stakeholders in the education sector agree that the new system requires further improvement. The headache of parents in a new academic year is how to secure admission for their children in their first choice schools which are perceived as elite institutions.

 It is the dream of many parents that their wards attend such elite schools and they will move heaven and earth to achieve their aim. 

If there is anything heads of such elite schools should be concerned about now is that they need to avoid any enticement from parents because the camera of Anas Aremeyaw Anas can be anywhere. By the end of this month, most SHS in the country would have received their full complement of form one students for academic work to begin.

Some SHS may be admitting over six hundred students which may over stretch the already limited facilities in the schools. When students in a school, far exceed the facilities available, makeshift arrangements may be made but they are not the best and teaching and learning suffers.

 'Perching'' is a dangerous culture developing in some of the Senior High Schools. In such situations, there is the tendency to have two students sleeping on one bed, which can eventually end up in the practice of lesbianism and gayism. 

School authorities are to ensure that no two students sleep on one bed. House masters and house mistresses must work round the clock to ensure that the atmosphere in the dormitories is healthy. Another area school authorities must focus on is how some parents give their children huge sums of money for their personal spending.

 Huge sums of money on fresh students should not be countenanced, since it can undermine discipline in the school.

 Apart from school uniforms and house dresses, no other dresses should be entertained. Medical records of SHS form one students should be properly kept to enable school authorities monitor students who may need special medical attention. This includes students who are on special diet.

 There should also be conscious effort to give orientation to the new students to enable them to appreciate how the school system works, like the use of the library, the science, Agriculture and the computer laboratories as well as offices of the school administrators.

It is important that school authorities ensure new students are not subjected to inhuman treatment by their seniors. What the new students need is an atmosphere that will give them the peace of mind devoid of any intimidation from any quarters. That will encourage them to study hard, where the sky will be the limit in their academic pursuit.


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