Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Legacies Of The Late P.V.Obeng

If it is indeed a dream, then most probably it is a nightmare that should be over very soon. But alas it’s true that Saturday 17th May 2014 was a time for PV Obeng the Senior Presidential Adviser and Chairman of the National Development Planning Commission, an all-time statesman of Mother Ghana to bow out without a parting word.

Now we look for him in rainbows way up in the sky when we can no more behold his physically bright shiny eyes turning around in their sockets as he shares words of wisdom and knowledge.

P V is suddenly far away gone into the silent land. As we go through our memories, his imprints
around us are indelible. We remember very well his admonishing for all well meaning Ghanaians to be nationalistic in the quest for sustainable national development.

When he re-echoed this at the National Economic forum little did anybody know it was a farewell
message. PV in fact proved that indeed hard work breaks no bone.

No wonder President John Dramani Mahama described him as a tireless public servant, and a shoulder that can be reliably leaned on for advice, guidance and support.

Although his profession was Mechanical Engineering, his knowledge and understanding of other fields of human endeavour were profound.

One cannot agree better with former President Rawlings when he also described him as one of Ghana’s most adept and captivating minds, a rare gem of a man.”

It is his style of leadership in promoting consensus that most probably prompted former President Kufuor to refer to him as a leadership chamber.

He indeed believed that as Ghana is in transition to a full middle income status there is the need to explore ways of achieving the long held goals of the founding fathers, which is a free, just and prosperous society where all citizens enjoy a decent way of living through the implementation of various strategies and policy interventions.

As somebody with a heart for Ghana he had time and time again indicated the urgent need to mobilize and rally the nation behind a nationally owned and shared vision by creating the opportunity for the broad spectrum of Ghanaians to articulate, define and support a long term vision for national development.

He believed that such national vision for a long term development plan should be the basis for policies of all governments. For PV, this is the only way to ensure policy stability and also protect successive plans from changes in government as well as ensuring implementation of policies on a long term.

He was also of the opinion that if there is any time that Ghana needs a long term outlook to development planning then it is now when Ghana has become an oil exporting state with an experience of a strong growth,
warranting the need for a fair and objective approach towards harnessing these potentials.

He echoed this vision anytime he had the opportunity. To him, for development planning to become purposeful and have the needed synergy, national visions should become prime components. The only way to pay glowing tribute to this statesman is for all well meaning Ghanaians to help consolidate our development
efforts and address the weaknesses identified in our development process by holding in high esteem the ‘Ghana first’ attitude above all other interests.

That P V Obeng has paid his dues well enough is an understatement. He has indeed registered his name in the list of gallant ancestors who are referred to in the National Pledge as having sacrificed for mother Ghana with their toil and blood.

Let us all as Ghanaians not allow his toil to be in vain by inculcating in us this long term nationalistic attitude towards national development. For this is a sure way of joining the developed economies.



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