Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Lead Role Played By Veep Amissah-Arthur at Economic Forum

A random sample of the views of most participants in the just-ended national economic forum highly commended the Vice President, Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, for the lead role he played and the effective manner he went about the whole three-day programme from the planning stage to its successful execution.

The 140 participants after deliberations came out with a 22 point communiqué known as the Senchi Consensus, which has also been well received. President John Dramani Mahama in closing the forum said “Our economic management team has been re-invigorated by this process and it is ready to begin immediately implementing the outcomes of this gathering.

As the Chairman of the government’s Economic Management Team, Vice President Amissah-Arthur took the forum as his baby, nurtured it and made sure it blossomed. His work output was in full glare for all the 140 participants to see.

The accumulated economic experience of Mr Amissah-Arthur dates back to the early days of the PNDC era when the country’s economy registered negative growth and had to support Dr Kwesi Botchwey, as first, a
Special Assistant and later Deputy Finance Minister, to resuscitate the economy and return it to the path of growth.

The TUC Secretary General, Kofi Asamoah, who represented the TUC, in an interview with Radio Ghana said “He actively co-ordinated the whole thing from the very beginning till the end and sometimes into the late night and it was just appreciable that he was on his feet all through from the planning stages. It was quite commendable and encouraging”.

Another participant, Dr. Steve Manteaw of ISODEC and a steering member of the Ghana Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative also said he was impressed about the vice president's show of great commitment and dedication to the whole process. He contributed to the discussions and was deeply involved.

It is obvious that the Vice President left a very good and indelible impression on the participants, especially those who came into working contact with him at the forum for the first time. For those who know him know the stuff he is made of.

He is punctual and time conscious, meticulous, modest, principled, workaholic among others. For Mr Amissah-Arthur, his prime focus and demeanour clearly shows that there is enormous work to be done to
support President Mahama to deliver the Better Ghana Agenda he promised the people of Ghana.

This must be the focus of all appointees and the NDC as a party. The distractions from the opposition elements will surely play up but if the distractions are coming from within then it is dangerous for the survival of the government. It is good and generally acceptable for one to have an ambition, nurture that
ambition and work assiduously towards realizing it.

But in the true sense of democratic practice, one can lobby power brokers and convince them beyond all doubt but should not seek to destroy one’s colleague through negative media publications.

President Mahama has spoken to further demonstrate the confidence he has in the Vice President. A word to the wise is enough.

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