Friday, 20 September 2013

Going By Due Political Process

The impact of the election petition has been overwhelming for every Ghanaian. The anxiety of not knowing, dealing with contemptuous statements and the expectation of verdict generally contributed to the overwhelmingly challenging experience for the ordinary Ghanaian.

In the midst of all these concerns Ghanaians again demonstrated their willingness to subject themselves to due political process. As the so called zero approached, many were those who thought the hard earned peace in Ghana would be whittled away by some magic wand.

Here again, it was very refreshing to note that Ghanaians held their own and went about their daily chores with poise and grace. That is why Ghana with all her shortcomings continues to be the oasis in the dessert among the comity of nations. The people of Ghana have shown their love for their country. The children and women of Ghana are particularly grateful for the demonstrable love shown to Ghana. Indeed the height of our love for Ghana has been shown by the depth of our love for one another and our willingness to tolerate each other even in the face of adversity.

The peace is holding but, let us not take it for granted. Let us be reminded that it is Ghana that has triumphed. Political commentators and praise singers are urged to use the same energy deployed to articulate their divergent views to unite Ghana for growth and prosperity. Ghana faces many socio-political challenges such as the poor land tenure system, the need for institutional reforms in the public sector and corruption. 

Citizens of Ghana are colluding to dupe Ghana for their personal aggrandizement. Attention must be also drawn to the high cost of poor social services the ordinary Ghanaian tax payer is forced to endure and above all, there must be a renewed thinking towards patriotism and love for country to move Ghana forward. God bless our homeland Ghana and may the peace prevail.


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