Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Ghanaians As One People

If knowledge is indeed power, then, let’s look no further for a form of power. For we have it! Ghana is gifted with immense resources and this, we need not be in doubt of but have the courage of faith and the confidence of self to tap into our pool of rich and abounding indigenous knowledge and resources! Thankfully as a nation, our cultural values have evolved and evolve around collectiveness and community rather than diversity. This blessed gift of inter-connectivity of the average Ghanaian brings great relief of tremendous hope and aspiration. Indeed the global village in which we inhabit is not a new community after all. We have always lived there in a shared communal life! The culture of inter-marriage, co-education, metropolitan activities and inter-connections attest to this. Yes, we are deeply united as tribesmen and women and also religious, yet one thing is clear - we are one people from South to East, West to North! This awareness of our collectiveness and communal life is indeed instructive to our quest for the way forward. We are a strong nation and people than we consider. Indeed diversity is natural and can be useful material for our community development if utilised properly. We have been educated to appreciate our uniqueness and also understand that perceived mistrust or subtle differences are no issue but only creation of diversity and using it against each other becomes the problem. Society it is said, is dynamic and these so-called differences may well reside only with a few people who do not accept the concept of change as part of life. Definitely not with the dynamic, zealous youthful generation who are happy to be involved rather than be excluded! This freedom of connectivity and participation of the Ghanaian must inspire hope and sharp focus in our quest for peace and development. Gone are the days when so-called myths surrounding one tribe or another served some kind of embargo on individual liberties and common freedoms. It said that in Ghana the average Ghanaian marries not only his friend but also into the friends, family as well as the tribe! As put in the Christian context regarding oneness of the faith, there is no Jew or Greek, we are all one wonderful people and Ghanaians! This great story and experience of the Ghanaian is a healthy development tool! Socio-cultural change is a must for our political and economic space, not an option! It has come to a point in our national course and discourse when we have to sit up as a nation and move away from petty and nagging behaviours and as matured stakeholders in the republic, reason together not as different groups or parties but as a unit of respectable tribesmen and women! This is the way forward.

The politics of our country must endeavour to move forward beyond partisanship to a more meaningful patriotic and nationalistic agenda. This way, political parties may exist rather than work for their individual political and ideological interests, work towards the national good. This means majority will not after all carry the vote but the consensus will! Politics will then regain its image in the eyes of the people not as a ploy or tool to amass wealth but a means of seeking the public interest. This is a surety for sustained peace and development and the powerful force of politics and corruption will be restrained. May the Red, Gold, Green and the Black star of Africa be lifted high now and always!

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