Helping Security Agencies To Fight Armed Robberies In Ghana

One key point made by President Akufo-Addo in his address during the Independence Anniversary parade was that armed robbery in the country is unacceptable. Indeed, guaranteed security is an issue that cannot be compromised under any circumstances. Without security, national development cannot thrive as expected and socio-economic progress would almost come to a standstill. The robberies that have taken place in various places in Accra and Tema are quite worrying.

These and a few others ought to be dealt with without delay. This explains why the President has made it clear that government would do all it can to equip the police to deal with the problem. It is also for this reason that the Police Administration has carried out a reshuffle in line with the exigencies of effective management and operational control of the Service. Other security measures taken by Government include the deployment of heavy military and police presence in major cities across the country. These measures have become necessary because as was pointed out by the Minister of Information at a recent news conference, the government takes a serious view of these events and therefore taking measures to forestall such occurrences with the view to ensuring better and a more effective protection of life and property. The public must assist in the effective implementation of such measures by closely observing without being found our any strange developments or events taking place in their areas, whether during the daytime or at night. In connection with this, strange happenings must not be taken for granted under any circumstances but immediately reported to the police or security agencies to assist in the clamping down of criminal activities. This is important because effective security depends, not only on the relevant agencies, but on useful information provided by the public.

The sudden wave of criminal activities, particularly in commercial areas and around financial institutions should send a signal to everyone that these activities are well orchestrated by criminals who would any length to disturb the peace of the country. It also raises suspicion in certain circles that they may even be politically motivated. This explains why former President Jerry John Rawlings, stated that he hopes the robbery and killings are not politically motivated to undermine those in charge of the security machinery so as to pave the way for the attainment of selfish parochial ambitions. Whatever it is, the security agencies must work hard to prove to the nation that they are committed to the national interest of peace, security and orderliness. It is unfortunate certain individuals, otherwise described as security experts, are putting fear into people by creating the impression that whatever is being done to assure the people of guaranteed security cannot yield good results.

Time will tell whether the security measures taken are on track or not. One clear thing, however, is that the reshuffle in the police service, for example, has been taken in line with standard practice. It is the hope of everyone that all hands will be on deck in the interest of the nation so as to prevent the needless killings and disturbances in the country since no one will gain from unstable security conditions in the country.



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