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Legacies Of The Late P.V.Obeng

If it is indeed a dream, then most probably it is a nightmare that should be over very soon. But alas it’s true that Saturday 17th May 2014 was a time for PV Obeng the Senior Presidential Adviser and Chairman of the National Development Planning Commission, an all-time statesman of Mother Ghana to bow out without a parting word.

Now we look for him in rainbows way up in the sky when we can no more behold his physically bright shiny eyes turning around in their sockets as he shares words of wisdom and knowledge.

P V is suddenly far away gone into the silent land. As we go through our memories, his imprints
around us are indelible. We remember very well his admonishing for all well meaning Ghanaians to be nationalistic in the quest for sustainable national development.

When he re-echoed this at the National Economic forum little did anybody know it was a farewell
message. PV in fact proved that …

Lead Role Played By Veep Amissah-Arthur at Economic Forum

A random sample of the views of most participants in the just-ended national economic forum highly commended the Vice President, Kwesi Amissah-Arthur, for the lead role he played and the effective manner he went about the whole three-day programme from the planning stage to its successful execution.

The 140 participants after deliberations came out with a 22 point communiqué known as the Senchi Consensus, which has also been well received. President John Dramani Mahama in closing the forum said “Our economic management team has been re-invigorated by this process and it is ready to begin immediately implementing the outcomes of this gathering.

As the Chairman of the government’s Economic Management Team, Vice President Amissah-Arthur took the forum as his baby, nurtured it and made sure it blossomed. His work output was in full glare for all the 140 participants to see.

The accumulated economic experience of Mr Amissah-Arthur dates back to…

The 'Senchi Consensus' at National Economic Forum

The three day National Economic Forum has ended successfully at Senchi with a 22 point communiqué dubbed the ‘Senchi consensus’.

Some of the critical issues worthy of noting in this communiqué include the need for the Nation to be guided by the Directive Principles of State Policy in national development effort, anchored in a long term
national development framework with a compelling vision. Related to this is the call for a long term national interest which should supersede all other interests in setting any national development agenda.

A forum such as the National Economic Forum that offered a democratic opportunity for non partisan sharing of ideas even in the midst of multi party democracy is a step in the right direction.

One of the challenges that however confront multiparty democracy which also became an issue prior to the commencement of the Economic Forum is the contention between political party interests and national
aspirations w…

To regulate or not to regulate the media

The media are the oxygen on which democracy thrives. In the words of GJA President Affail Monney, the media are literally the life wire of our democracy. Without a vibrant and pluralistic the media in Ghana cannot boast of a successful transition to democratic rule.

The media wields great power which can make or unmake a society, government or its people. This is a concern that brings to the fore the debate of whether or not to regulate the media.

One of the happiest days in the lives of Journalists in Ghana was the day the  criminal libel law was repealed.

Today, some would have wished that the law was not repealed, so that it would serve as a sanction and a
check to the rather bizarre excesses of some in the inky fraternity.

Sometimes one is tempted to question whether all the presenters, hosts and producers of shows in the local languages on private radio station are qualified journalists.


15th Anniversary Of Asantehene Osei Tutu

This year's Akwasidaekese of the Chiefs and people of Ashanti will go down in history as one of the most patronised and significant. The joy and ecstasy that characterised the event will forever, be memorable.

The great Ashanti Kingdom has every cause to celebrate Sunday`s Akwasidaekese as it climaxed activities marking the 15th
Anniversary of the coronation of Otumfuo Osei Tutu as Asantehene.

The month of May and indeed May 06 this year marked the 64th birthday of the much revered Ashanti Leader, Otumfuo Osei Tutu. It is significant to note that unlike many traditional leaders, Otumfuo Osei Tutu`s reign covers the entire Ashanti region, parts of Brong Ahafo and the Worawora district of the Volta Region.

Born Barima Kwaku Duah, Otumfuo Osei Tutu`s 15 years on the golden stool has not benefited only Ashantis but the entire Ghanaian society. His wisdom,
thought provoking speeches and sterling leadership qualities …

The Need For Multi-Party Governance Reforms

Civil society groups and individuals have lauded the Institute of Democratic Governance, IDEG's initiative for convening a national
interest dialogue on the urgency for multiparty governance reforms
before 2016 elections. However, critical issues that came up in this dialogue are about its sustainability and matters arising from the debates.

One would ask how relevant are the issues? IDEG has identified challenges to the country's democratic governance and is advocating that to address them, there should be the promotion of a more inclusive government, eradication of the threat of political violence in the country's electoral democracy, the strengthening of national cohesion; and changing the public service bureaucracies for
effective professional and impartial services.

Furthermore, IDEG suggests that to address the myriad of challenges confronting Ghana's democracy, political parties should be transformed int…