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New Driver's Licence and Vehicle Registration Smart Cards

At long last the new Driver's Licence and Vehicle Registration Smart Cards introduced by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority, DVLA, has been launched. This means that new applicants will be issued with the new Driver's Licence. The journey started from the 18th July this year but was halted for further consultations with stakeholders such as Driver's Unions. After all the consultations and discussions, the issuance of the new smart cards took off November 7.

The initiative is to ensure that qualified persons acquire licence to drive. It is also to eliminate the cumbersome process of acquiring licence and vehicle registration documents. This will eliminate the activities of middlemen popularly called ‘goro boys’ who most of the time issue fake licence to people who patronise their services. The smart Driver's Licence has security features that will make it impossible for anyone to duplicate. It has contactless chip with a high memory for the storage of bio data an…

The Menace of Child Defilement in Ghana

The recent sad story of a 4-year old girl defiled by a man in Assin Adadientem in the Central Region is not only shameful, but depressing, heart-breaking, and criminal. Even more worrying, is the alleged clandestine attempts by prominent people in society such as the Chief of the area to obstruct justice for the victim based on the verdict of the community gods. Although rape and defilement cases have been with us in Ghana since time immemorial, the high rate at which the menace is occurring in recent times in different parts of the country is a real cause for concern. This is in view of the devastating and often damning consequences of defilement on the health of the girl child and society as a whole.

A Ghana News Agency report of 9th July, 2003 cited infertility, trauma, the contraction of sexually transmitted diseases, STDs, and terminal illness and even death as some of the negative effects of defilement. While commending the efforts of government, NGOs and individuals in the fight…

The Atomic Junction Gas Explosion

Ghana over the weekend witnessed another gas explosion which occurred at a gas filling station at atomic Junction on the Legon - Madina route. Latest figures put the death toll at seven with one hundred and thirty-two persons injured out of which sixty-four have been discharged and sixty-eight still receiving treatment. Ghana has since 2014 recorded at least eight major gas related fires across the country. In all the eight cases, six were recorded in the Greater Accra Region, one in Takoradi in the Western Region, and another at Kasoa in the Central Region. According to statistics, about 250 lives have been lost in gas explosions in the last ten years, with the most severe being the June 3, 2015 disaster in which about 150 people died.

Collectively, we keep brooding over such incidents. Government officials and other people of influence, join the rest of us to express our condolences, yet no radical corrective action is taken to improve the situation. In all the previous explosions, g…

Violent behaviours of political party foot soldiers in parts of Ghana

The time has come for unruly party foot soldiers to be tamed. Quite naturally and justifiably, many well-meaning Ghanaians are disgusted about the fines imposed on the members of the Delta Force, a foot-soldiering group associated with the NPP, whose members took the law into their own hands in Kumasi and physically assaulted a public officer who they thought did not merit an appointment. They further caused mayhem at a Kumasi Circuit Court where they assisted other members to escape from lawful custody.

Indeed, the fine may appear not deterrent enough in the face of the brazen effrontery with which they carried out their criminal activities. But the fact that they went through the court process, were charged, tried and fine, make them ex-convicts. Situate that against the situation in December 2008, during the general election when some bandits attacked some polling stations in Akwatia and carried away ballot boxes. A number of the bandits were arrested and put on trial. They were rem…