Phenomenon Of Prophets Predicting Elections

One of the recent but worrying developments in the lead up to election 2016 is how some prophets are going about predicting the winner of the Presidential election. It is so strange that they do not predict the winner of Parliamentary seats but the Presidential seat only. It is equally baffling that some of these prophets are also predicting the death or a possible attack on the life of the sitting President and the main opposition leader. The question that arises is how come nothing is said about the other presidential candidates. These predictions may either be true or false. The issue at stake is about the wrong timing of these predictions. Many church leaders and concerned citizens disagree with such prophetic predictions not only because they are not very sure of the origins of such predictions but also the appropriateness of putting those predictions in the public domain. Another striking concern about these predictions is the contradictions inherent in them.

Why should God predict through Prophet A that candidate X will win and the same God predict through Prophet B that candidate Y will surely win? Is He the God of confusion? Definitely, “No”. God is never prepared to create confusion and chaos in this country. There are some serious reasons why these predictions should be frowned upon by not only well meaning citizens but even the Presidential candidates at whom these predictions are directed.

Firstly, such predictions create unnecessary tension in the country. Once the Presidential candidates and their followers accept these predictions, they may not accept the result of the election if it does not go their way. This is a recipe for chaos . It is therefore crucial for such prophets to keep their prophetic convictions to themselves and pray for its fulfilment. They should consider the peace of Ghana first before the popularity they want to gain.

As men of God, they should not stick their necks out in partisan politics. The minister of God should hold the interest of the whole nation at heart and above his or her political affiliation. Indeed, Isaiah was a statesman for the nation Judah but not even for the Kings. Ministers occupy a very sensitive position by virtue of the fact that they are men and women called by God to serve their generation but not part. The Christian minister’s main task is to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the world but not to be involved in anything that will create tension and confusion in the state. The apostle James writes that the wisdom from God should bring unity and peace but not otherwise (James 3:13 – 18). Let every citizen do things that will bring peace and unity in the country. Ministers of the Gospel should educate their fold about how they can contribute to peaceful elections in 2016. All opinion leaders; politicians, priests, Imams, chiefs and others should focus on peaceful election in 2016 and educate their followers on the need to keep the peace. Media houses should hold programmes that will contribute to the peace and unity of Ghana. Security agencies are not to do otherwise. They should not do anything that will destroy the peace of this country. All institutions and every individual, group of people should contribute to Peaceful Election in 2016. We are one nation with a common destiny. God bless our homeland Ghana.



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